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Direct access to the MLS Portal is by invitation which can only be provided by a licensed MLS member. The Portal requires an initial search to be set up. This can easily be changed once you are logged in.

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Why the change

Welcome!  This dramatically new look to our website is due to several factors, all of which center around our desire and ability to ensure that our clients get the best tools to search for their new home.  Due to significant market and industry changes, we are no longer using an "IDX" (Internet Data Exchange) platform to provide listing information.  We will, instead, be providing our clients with a direct sign-on to the MLS via the MLS Portal Feature.  This is the same physical database of listing information available to Realtors.  I am providing 2 explanations for the change below - a 'short' explanation and a 'longer' one.

The Short Explanation

The information we were able to provide through the IDX feed on our website was prone to errors and omissions.  This is due to the merging of different MLS organizations with different data sets, as well as changes to data stream.

The Longer Explanation

An IDX feed is the only way information from the MLS can flow to a website.  It is the same system that all Realtors use and that major listing providers such as Reddit, Zillow, Trulia and others use.  The problem with this system is that it relies on a data feed from the MLS and a conversion of that data so it can be displayed on a website.  While many IDX users suggest that updates to their feeds happen at the same time changes are made to the MLS, this is not necessarily the case.  Further complicating this situation is the 'translation' that must occur between the IDX feed and websites.  New data fields, data field options, and the integration of multiple MLSs with different fields and options creates situations where data 'falls through the cracks' without anyone knowing.

Since the MLS is a highly secure database, the only access to the MLS Portal is via a Realtor.  We will set up an individual account for clients wishing to have access to this information. This is SUPER easy to do.  Instead of putting your contact information into our website to gain access to the IDX, you can use the contact form on this site and we will set up the search for you.  You will receive a link with the search results and an additional link to the portal.  Even if you just like 'browsing', the Portal setup requires a search.  Once the Portal is set up, you can browse to your heart's content!  In addition to browsing, you will be able to set up and save searches with or without notification.  As this is the MLS itself, alerts set up for "immediate" notification will, in fact, be immediate.